Combination fast and slow movement, which align with your breath.

Practice the primary series where physical strength and control mind and breath end it with a good Savasana as result rejuvenate feeling.

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Hastha 2

Accelerate your practice with 75 minutes of practice inspired by Ashtanga and the hatha movement.

This sequence curated for practitioner for more than 8 months or more. NOT SUITABLE FOR FIRST TIMER in Yoga or just Recovering from injury.


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Hastha yoga is curated by our Lead teacher Dwi, with her experience and knowledge of yoga in practicing Hatha & ashtanga sequence. This sequence designed for experience practitioner build and maintaining strength, flexibility with the help of breathing.

Our Hastha Yoga classes in Singapore cater to all poses, offering the combination poses and breathing methods to suit particular requirements. Design for intermediate to advanced yogi, you will see the welcoming and supportive atmosphere to deepen your practice.

Hastha Yoga is not suitable for yoga newbies. For beginners we recommend the following classes:

  • Hatha back to mat
  • Aligned yoga
  • Ashtanga basic
  • Yin Yang
  • Gentle vinyasa
  • Restorative yoga

Hastha yoga is only offered in Yogabar, no other studio offers this class. Hastha yoga classes stand out for focus on alignment, breathing mastery, being single minded during the practice. Variation of poses that helps practitioner moving forward toward progress of understanding.

Routine Hastha yoga builds muscle memory, enhances flexibility, stability, and balance. Mentally, regular Hastha yoga practice helps to ease stress, and improve mind clarity.

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